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back to 1000 ELO gents great job!! Let keep it going :)
Ok guys holidays are over time to get back to business, We need to start seeing you guys active on TS!!
Im back!! lets get to work gents!!
Suffering from the flu gets will try and make it on tomorrow
Happy New Year Exiles!! Lets have a great 2019!!
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Devildog8   welcome
Exiles has reached a new hit record of 237 unique hits today!
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Devildog8   Thanks bud :)
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panzer254sorry I have not ben on I had some Christmas stuff to do. I well be on tomorrow... thanks panzer
Marine_tinySO, how are the alliances working out for our clan? Seem to me that this is a very broken system where clans with lower standing, who are trying to progress(That would be us) are put in the position of pay to play! By that I mean we pay gold to higher ranked clans for the honor of being in an alliance. And now, as has be shown, they never had any intention of work with us, but basically just using us as a cash cow! I for one couldn't understand why wee trusted Fluke in the first place!
RoadSplat   created a new thread WOT Tanks Response for me being team Killed in Rand... in the General Discussion forum
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