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Why are there so many players in this clan that are active not getting into TS to platoon and hang out seems like they relaxed the rules for mandatory but know it has swung the other way where not many get on at all until CWs are up
I r ember when in 5D most players whould get into TS to platoon or just hang out and gab and the only time lately anyone wants to gab is during CWs LOL
I could be wrong but from what i read about how team or clans jell is to platoon together and hang out which is hard to do when so many members seem to be doing there own thing
So all i want to know is WHY Please feel Free to say something on why
Posted Oct 23, 18 · OP
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Yeah TS has become a plague to many, the only mandatory times are prime time hours 7pm est to 12 est, hence is why you see them roll in later than usual, I agree tho more ppl should be getting on TS, but hate to say it this is not just an issue with RS its server wide thru the clans

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Posted Oct 24, 18
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